I have had the fortune to join conversations with other therapists across the province and have learned so much from them!  In a recent discussion, one therapist asked, “how do you advertise?”.   

While many therapists in the conversation were commenting on the very saturated ‘market’, one therapist had a different view.  They expressed “we’re not competing with other therapists”.  They explained we’re competing with vacations, dinners with friends, recreation, and even Uber Eats!  

Therapy is an investment of both time and money.  People need to understand the value they are receiving in comparison to the many other things they could be spending their money on.   

What value can you find in therapy?  Well, you can find someone to speak with who is not a part of your everyday life.  While this may not seem significant to some, it can be a very transformative experience to process the challenges you face with someone who does not interact with you and your significant others on a daily basis.   

It creates safety.  It provides a space for you to be compassionate toward yourself.  It gives you a teammate.  It gives you opportunity to troubleshoot.  It gives you resources.  You will experience genuine respect from another person and autonomy to influence change in your life.   

If you are curious about therapy, most folks offer a free 15 minute consultation.  You could schedule a call while you’re waiting for Uber Eats to arrive!

Lindsay Hummelink

Lindsay Hummelink

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